Send email reminders to yourself, with NudgeMail


Have you tried hundreds of different ways to give yourself reminders for things but never been totally satisfied with any of them? Well, now you’ve got one more great choice; NudgeMail allows you to set up future emails to yourself as reminders for nearly anything, giving you control over your schedule through something you already use on a regular basis: your email! Best of all, of course, it is totally free.

We’ve all tried, at one time or another, to get more organized. Whether it’s a new year’s resolution to use that Android calendar app more often or a promise to yourself that you’ll start actually remembering what those bits of string on your fingers are for, or anything in between, we’ve all tried at least a few things. There are so many apps and programs out there, it’s nice to see one that is thinking within the box for a change instead of outside it. Specifically, I mean your email inbox.

NudgeMail ScreenShot00285

You see, NudgeMail allows you to set up emails as reminders for anything you need. Essentially, you set up an email with a message to yourself, which then gets sent at a pre-determined time by the NudgeMail program. Of course, you can also use it to schedule and send emails to others, like friends and family to remind them of parties and reunions, or business associates to remind them of meetings or other scheduled items. Of course it is simple and easy to use (otherwise I wouldn’t be using it, that’s for sure) and installation takes about zero seconds since there’s nothing to actually install on your system, with nothing to buy. You don’t even have to give an email address or any other information to ‘register’ for the program/service like so many programs these days ask for. You just follow the addressing directions on the web site and your email will be sent back to you when you desire.

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Currently in a beta state, the program is 100% free at the time of this posting, so this is the best point to get in on using it. While they do plan to release a pro version that will cost some amount of money to use, there will (they promise) always be a free version even after the beta testing period is over. Bearing in mind how long some beta tests have lasted (years in some cases) you could wind up getting an awful lot of use before they even release any of the paid features or version. Current features include connecting to Google Calendar as well as the ability to set recurring email reminders, but no promises have been made yet about what features will cost, or how much, in the non-free version when it comes out.

The vedict:

NudgeMail makes it simple to use your existing email as a reminder system, without charging you an arm and a leg, and without cluttering up your computer’s storage with more programs. The only real downside I found to using it is that it does take a few minutes of learning how to get the notations right for the addressing, but this could be easily solved in the future release with a simple graphic interface as a browser extension or via other means, so it’s not really a major drawback to me. Until next time, my friends!

  • Check out NudgeMail here.