Send emails into the future with Time Machiner


time machiner logoTime Machiner is a web service that can be used to send emails to anyone on a future date, useful as reminders to yourself or others about future appointment or pre-scheduled birthday/anniversary congratulation notes, and so on.

I don’t know how many have calendar/reminder programs, but I am willing to bet that the number is small, and that the number of people who actually use them is much smaller. Most everyone uses email though, and if you wanted a good way to make sure that either you or other people that you know are reminded of events send them a “future” email using Time Machiner. More notes on this service:

  • Plan the email reminders in advance: if there’s an event that is taking place in ten days, for example, you can use this service to schedule a reminder email in, say, seven days and another one the day before the event. You can set these email reminders in motion now and not have to worry about them any longer.
  • Send notes to yourself or others. “Hello future self, this is slightly older self; I just wanted to tell you that you’re fantastic and I love you” 😉
  • Email formatting: strangely does not allow carriage returns (your message will be a single unbroken sentence). No styles/formatting and of course no attachments.
  • Wish list: I wish it would allow you to send the same message on two or three dates from the same form (e.g. three days and then one day before the event).

I like Time Machiner better than, a similar service, because the latter will only accept sending emails 90 days into the future or more.

Think of the possibilities: if you’re in a relationship or a family or group of people where you take-on the role of being the “organized” one yet do not want to always worry about everyone else (or worse, play the part of the “nag”), this service can be very helpful. Just tell everyone that you’ve pre-planned reminder emails and stop worrying. Or if you can never ever remember birthdays, anniversaries, and the like, just sit yourself down for a half an hour and pre-plan email reminders to everyone that you know (and yourself) and be done with it.

One creepy thought: what happens if you die before your pre-planned email gets sent? (“Hi Sweetie, I know I don’t say this enough, but I wanted you to know how much I love you”). I can imagine people fainting to the ground with a thud as I write this!

[Thanks go to Mraei for letting me know about this one].

Version Tested: v 0.5 Beta; the site as of Apr 10th 2008.

Go to the Time Machiner site.