Send large files up to 2 gigs with WeTransfer


WeTransfer has to be one of the easiest, least involved and complicated FREE services for transferring large files on the internet.

Simply drag-and-drop files up to 2 GB (one file or many, it doesn’t matter), and add the emails of up to 20 of your friends, who will receive download links (without seeing or otherwise knowing about each other).

The files will be hosted for 2 weeks, no registration required, and you can use the service as many times as you want.

Wetransfer Screenshot 1


  • Casual, low involvement. You don’t have to register, just upload and send links to people
  • 2 Gigs is excellent and versatile. Upload multiple files back-to-back.
  • The user experience: drag and drop. Stylish and nice looking, if that matters at all.

WeTransfer Screenshot 2


  • No pause upload option. Interrupted transfers will go all the way back to square one.

Visit WeTransfer.