Send short voice messages on Twitter, Facebook, or email with


With all the text messages glutting up the internet, why not ‘make yourself heard’ by sending a short voice message instead.

You can do this with, a free text-to-speech tool that can encode your message into the URL, such that all you need to do is share or send it (or a shortened version of the URL) to someone, and once the link is opened it will automatically ‘speak’ the message that you typed originally. Try it out by opening this link.

How to use: Type your message, and if you want you can tweak the Amplitude, Pitch, Speed, and Word Gap until you are satisfied with how it sounds. Next, copy the URL (which will be quite large, and if you need to you can run it through a URL shortening service such a Finally, share your link via Twitter, Facebook, email, or however you want. screenshot

The verdict: okay, so its not really that useful, but I give this one points for originality. Note that this service is different from other text-to-speech services in that it encodes the message into the URL, making it transferrable.

It would be nice, however, if the service supported multiple, better voices, and a few languages other than English (which is more or less standard these days for text-to-speech services).

Check it out here.