Send To Toys


Send To Toys is a free program that adds a number of useful commands to the Windows shell ’Send To’ menu.

Before I comment on each of the 8 entries that this program adds to the right-click ’send to’ menu, a few notes on the program itself:

  • You should be aware that most of the new commands behave in very specific ways if you are holding down CONTROL and/or SHIFT as you run them. Once you know this you will find that the program is more powerful that you thought, allowing you to customize it to do exactly what you want in most cases. My favorites are: Send to Clipboard, Send to Command Prompt, Send to Folder, and Send to Recycle Bin.
  • You can mix-and-match the send-to toys that you want and delete the others.
  • The ’Send to Toys’ configuration utility allows you not just to configure ’Send to Toys’ but to easily add/remove folders and application shortcuts to the ’Send to’ menu.
  • Note that you can your favorite folder(s) as a custom send-to destination, except that you can now press SHIFT in order to move objects to the destination folder (rather than copy them), while control/shift creates a shortcut to the object in the destination folder. This is very useful and makes it extremely easy organize your files.

The following is a brief synopsis of each of the tools that ’Send to Toys’ provides (the first 4 are my favorites):

  1. Send to Clipboard (as name): allows you to select a bunch of files and folders and collectively copy their names into the clipboard. It will copy the entire path by default, but you can hold down CTRL when selecting this command in order to customize it.
  2. Send to Command Prompt: select a command line exe or a folder and run this. The DOS console will open with the selected folder as current directory and the exec pre-typed at the prompt. Holding down either CTRL or SHIFT offers further customization.
  3. Send to Folder: sends or copies selected files/folders to another folder. Will prompt a dialog box where you can browse and select the destination folder. Holding shift will move the files rather than copy, and holding both CTRL and SHIFT will create shortcuts instead of moving/copying.
  4. Send to Recycle Bin: you may not see the point of this, until you learn that holding down CTRL will perform a file shredding on the selected files and folder.
  5. Send to Default Mail Recipient: useful for those of us busy sending attachments by email all the time (?). Select a file and quickly email it to your pre-defined “default mail recipient”. If you want to email to someone else you can press CTRL and the “send to” address will not be populated.
  6. Send to Favorites: will send a file or folder as a link within the Favorites folder. Holding CTRL will prompt the “Add favorite” dialog, enabling you to specify where you want the link to be created.
  7. Send to Quicklaunch: self explanatory.
  8. Send to Run: sends file or files to the Run command dialog.

This is freeware you could use and a nice addition to the windows shell menu overall. I especially like having the ability to use Send To Toys to add my own custom folder destinations in the send to menu as well (and being able to specify “move to” by using the SHIFT button).

Version tested: 2.5

Compatibility: Windows 2000, 2003, XP. VISTA.

Go to the program home page to get the latest version (approx 740K).