Set up Reminders and To Do’s with ’24me’ for iOS


Fancy a personal assistant to remind you of tasks or events that you need to do or attend? How about an assistant that can maintain your to-do list, delegate or share tasks with others, and even connect with the financial institutions or ‘providers’ (a.k.a. parties that you pay bills to) as well as contact lists and friends in order to coordinate everything you need to remember within the confines of a small smartphone screen.

If this sounds good, then check out ‘24 me’, one of the most simplest and most advanced FREE personal reminder/to-do apps available for iOS devices. Currently, the app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and other iOS devices, but an Android version is in the works.

‘24 me’ is a seemingly simple, straightforward to-do app; however, it offers two things that are very convenient (1) reminders, and (2) connectivity with friends and other external entities.

24me 324me screenshot1

24me 4You can simply enter your own tasks and set up reminders. But more than that, you can link to your friends who also use the app and share tasks and other items, such as be reminded of their birthdays as an example. However, a more interesting example is how it reminds you to pay bills: you can use ‘24 me’ to connect your bank accounts to the application and also link the app with your service providers (i.e. companies that bill you) to automatically take care of bills before the due date. The best feature is the fact that you can directly pay these bills from the application itself; however, this is not currently available everywhere (we assume it is US only).

The Verdict:

This app illustrates how to-do and task managers have evolved since the days when a simple text file could do the job. Not only does ‘24 me’ sit in your pocket, but it sounds alarms and reminders, connects with others you work with to share tasks, and could connect with external entities as well to remind you to pay your bills.

Overall this is a very nice to do/task management app that gives our favorite such app – Anydo –  a run for the money. With the whole connecting to financial intuitions bit ‘24 me’ is certainly more advanced; however, we are not 100% sold on this added layer of complexity, especially as we were not able to test this feature for this writeup.

We also hope that a desktop version might become available eventually, such that working with tasks might be possible from the device or PC.

But you will certainly be happy with this app if you wanted a FREE powerful task manager and reminder. Check it out and share your opinion in the comments section below.

Download 24me (iTunes App Store)