Share and view large documents online, with Jumpshare


Want to share large files? Want to share large files without requiring the recipient to be online, necessarily? Want to share large files without having to register or create an account? If so, check out this free service.

Jumpshare allows you to share large documents up to 100 megs (and 2 gigs in total) through a simple web interface. What’s more, Jumpshare allows for document viewing for about 150 different formats, so you can view that video or browse that Powerpoint presentation online without having to download it locally first.

It is designed as a quick, disposable solution for sharing large files without much of a commitment and without complications.

Jumpshare 2

Jumpshare is a free to use web service that lets you share documents online. The website is extremely easy to use and all you have to do is drag your documents into the browser window. Alternatively you can click on the button in the site and point towards the document you want to share. You can share a single document or multiple ones. The site supports a wide variety of file formats which amount to more than 150; this includes document file formats, code files, audio, as well as video. Furthermore, each file you upload can be as large as 100 MB and the total size of your uploaded files can be as large as 2 GB.

With your files uploaded, you can click on them and see that they can be previewed within the online interface.

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You can use links to download the files, email them, or share them on online social networks. Files are automatically deleted after 14 days or you can manually delete them yourself anytime during this period.

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The Verdict

Clearly, Jumpshare makes online document and file sharing extremely easy and effective. There are many online services that allow users to upload share large files but the thing I really like about Jumpshare is that you can view the uploaded files online for more than 150 formats. This way, you don’t have to download the file, you can first check it online and respond to the recipient.

Check out Jumpshare.