Share and edit documents of any format online, with PDFZen


Digital documents come in a variety of file formats including DOCX, XLSX, ODT, and many more. When sharing these, you can never really be sure whether or not the other parties have software installed with which to view and edit them.

For example, you could email an ODT file to your project group members but some of them may not have Open Office installed and are unable to access your file. To prevent this, and to ensure that everybody can easily view digital documents you share, you could use a helpful website called PDFzen.

PDFzen is an excellent web service that makes it extremely easy to share, annotate, and edit digital documents online. Basically, the function of the site is to convert your uploaded digital documents into the standard PDF file format and let you edit the PDF online. The interface of the site makes it possible to view the contents of PDF file thereby letting everybody you share the file URL with view the contents of your uploaded documents.

You start by uploading your documents to the site. Either locally stored documents can be uploaded or you can simply provide the direct URL to an uploaded document. Supported file formats include PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, RTF, and more.

Once the file has been uploaded, its contents are displayed under various controls. These control buttons let you type new text, highlight sections, add comments, and draw freely on the document.


Your changes are saved and you can share the URL of the documents with anybody you want. The document in it’s final form is viewable to anybody who has the URL. The original version and the final form of the document can be downloaded in PDF format or shared on different social networking websites. You can even have your documents faxed via the internet, although that is a paid service that costs a fee.


In conclusion

PDFzen is a highly useful service that makes it extremely easy to share documents online and collaborate on them.The app’s support of a wide range of input formats, its ability to let you annotate the documents, and its conversion of documents to PDF make it a must-bookmark website for anybody who shares digital documents online.

Check out PDFzen.