Share PowerPoint presentations on Facebook with the authorSTREAM Facebook app


You’ve posted links, embedded videos, and shared image galleries on your Facebook timeline; now it’s time to give the PowerPoint presentation it’s due as an avenue of human expression, and post those presentations which have hitherto been confined to mass emails to your Facebook timeline. You can do this easily with the FREE authorSTREAM Facebook app.

Not only can you easily upload presentations, but your friends can leave comments, like, and favorite them etc. Your embedded PowerPoints will function more or less as usual, and will display any animations, narration, embedded videos within them, etc. You can also add tags and a description, and share your presentation publicly on the authorSTREAM website.

Some notes on this one:

  • You can view presentations in an embedded player, or you can view them in an impressive FULLSCREEN view.
  • Others do not need to have this app installed in Facebook in order to view your presentations.
  • The max uploadable file size is a rather large100 megs
  • The main authorSTREAM Facebook app interface features many publicly shared presentations that you can share on your timeline (see below).

AuthorStream Facebook app screenshot1

  • You will need to give the authorSTREAM Facebook app the necessary permissions when you install it (note: you can skip letting it post on your behalf if you want).
  • Once uploaded, you can publish your presentation right away, with the option to make them public for the authorSTREAM community, or just your Facebook friends.

Here’s what your timeline will look like:

AuthorStream Facebook app screenshot2 - timeline

The verdict:

A very nice tool; at what it does, the authorSTREAM Facebook works really well. I know many people like PowerPoint presentations and like to use and share them, and they doubtlessly will love this app. Note that others do not need to do or install anything to view presentations you upload.

Get started with the authorSTREAM app for Facebook.