Share your personal goals publicly, with Bucketlistly


Remember that movie, “The Bucket List” where two famous actors portray a couple of guys trying to accomplish everything they ever wanted to do in a short amount of time before they die? Well you can do the same thing, online, and without having to be close to death!

Bucketlistly is a free web site that allows you to keep track of your own bucket list (a.k.a. The list of things to do before kicking the bucket) as well as keep in touch and track of the lists of your friends. That’s right! Bucket lists are now a social online community, that costs nothing to use or share with friends, and tons of people are already using it.

The concept of a bucket list is an old one, that probably goes back far beyond it’s first mention on television, even if it wasn’t always called a bucket list. At least as long as literacy has been widespread in many areas, there have been people that wanted to keep track of a lifelong list of goals, achievements, projects, activities, et cetera.  Naturally, now that the Internet is a part of the daily life of many of us, bucket lists would follow suit and become something we not only keep online, but also share and compare with others. Enter Bucketlistly, a great free site that already has tons of users, that lets you keep track of your own bucket list, share and compare with others, and generally stay in touch with your bucket buddies, so to speak.

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Bucketlistly allows you to sign up using your existing Facebook account, as well as using your email account if you’d rather. In either case, you’ll quickly get started entering your own bucket list goals. From there, you will also be able to see a ticker style panel that will show goals of your friends, as well as random others. These goals might be something that you have in common and you can get advice or help from someone that has already accomplished your goal. Of course, you can also provide inspiration and encouragement to those that have goals you admire or want to help with, as well. It’s even set up to connect to your Twitter and Foursquare accounts, so your followers can keep up to date on your bucket progress.

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The only real downside I noted with Bucketlistly is that, because they are still in early days of being live online, they do have the occasional glitch or bug. For instance, the site wouldn’t let me sign in once, and I had to try again a couple minutes later. Once beyond that particular bug, I didn’t have any trouble and when I sent feedback describing the issue, I received a fairly quick assurance that the developers are working on that issue diligently.

Overall, I would recommend this site for anyone who wants to expand their social networks or get help with any goals they have, anyone who enjoys keeping and maintaining a list of goals and achievements, and even anyone who is just looking for a new way to stay in touch and interact with their friends online. Go give it a try and see if your bucket list can be done before your next birthday! Until next time, my friends.

  • Check out Bucketlistly here.