Shell Tray Info


Shell Tray Info is a small portable program that allows you to re-arrange the order of icons in the system tray.

For the 4 people out there who, like me, want a program that can re-arrange the order of icons in the System tray I present you with Shell Tray Info.

Why would anyone need to do that, you ask? For myself I can say that I’ve used this program for creating the absolute best possible screenshots for posting on Freewaregenius.

But surely there are massive productivity gains to be had from having the optimum sort order of icons in the system tray; if you are in need of a PhD dissertation topic this is virgin territory.

How to use: run the program, select the icons within the dialog to nudge the up or down the sort order until you are satisfied, then exit. No installation, and no need for the program to run in the background afterwards.

Version tested: 1.0

Compatibility: Window XP; author thinks it may work on 2003, but he hasn’t tested it.

Go to the program page to download the latest version. Note that this program requires registration on the codeproject forum to download. You need the binary not the source.