Simply Slideshow: view images in style, with nice animated transitions


Viewing pictures on you PC? Then check out Simply Slideshow, a small free program which displays folders of images back-to-back with beautiful animated transitions.

It’s easy, simple, no frills, but offers a great viewing experience.

This program is especially well suited for, say, creating image slideshows in conference booths, parties, restaurants, and the like (or, sit back in your chair and simply enjoy a unique image viewing experience).

Note that this software is NOT designed to create videos or DVD slideshows of images (for that, check out the terrific DVD Slideshow GUI).

Simply Slideshow Screenshot1

Some notes:

  • How to use: all you have to do is point it to a folder or folders and fire it up.
  • Simply Slideshow optionsViewing options: (appropriately) very few options. Whether to view fullscreen or windowed, how long should an image linger in the background while the transition is going on, etc.
  • Filtering: by minimum file size; i.e. you can tell it not to display any image that is less that 10K or however much you want in it’s disk size.
  • Intelligent image selection: whereby the program will try to images that best find the aspect ratio of your monitor or program window.

Wish list:

  • I would have said more filtering options, such as filtering by screen resolution or wildcards in the filename/extension. But I won’t, as that just might add unnecessary complexity to an otherwise light and nicely minimal app. (Which is not to say this software cannot be developed further and improved; I hope it is).
  • Keyboard hotkeys: for skipping to the next image via right arrow, or pausing the slideshow, etc.

The verdict: I like this a lot. This program was made for the author’s personal use, and it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. Kudos to the author for making such a nice app (and sharing it!)

Version tested: 1.0.26

Compatibility: WinAll; 32bit and 64bit.

Download it on it’s Softpedia page, or visit the author’s blog for more info (approx. 816K).