Site Troubles


frowny2As you may have noticed, my site has been going offline frequently these days. Apparently this is because for some reason it is consuming too much of the shared hosting server’s CPU power.

This is not due, say, to a sudden increase in traffic (my traffic has more or less been pretty stable over some time now), no’r does it seem to be caused by any newly implemented changes in the site code itself (as far as I know there aren’t any). I am thus somewhat at a loss as to how to proceed in terms of getting this problem fixed. The people at my hosting company, Webuilders, have actually been rather patient and flexible in terms of communicating with me and managing this issue, but I still don’t know what to do…

I’ll figure out some sort of solution sooner or later I’m sure; I just wanted to let everybody know that this situation will hopefully be dealt with soon and in the meantime I apologize for the inconvenience.