Sizer is a Windows enhancement that adds the ability to quickly change the size and/or placement of active Windows to a predefined profile.

It is accessed by right-clicking on the “maximize” button on the title bar, right clicking the taskbar window, or from the system tray.

Here are some notes on this program:

    • Pre-sets: comes with 3 preset sizes, but gives you the option to create size entries of your own. (see first screenshot above).

    • Custom profiles
      : you can create sizing profiles that comprise desired size of a window as well as its placement on screen: Top, Bottom, Center, etc. (even a user-defined placement anywhere on screen). You can define your own pre-sets to obtain most of the window managing functionality provided by a program like WinSplit Revolution.
    • Resize any window: even ones that normally do not allow you to do so (this comes handy more often than you would expect).
    • Sizing tooltips: when sizing windows normally (i.e. dragging the right-bottom corner), Sizer will show a small tooltip that displays the size coordinates for you.
    • Snap to grid: also when sizing normally by dragging the right bottom corner, you can press CTRL and Sizer will snap the window to the grid size defined in the options (10 pixels by default).Sizer Config Screenshot
  • Memory Use: uses around 3 megs of memory.
  • Installation: the program is offered with or without an installer, so download the version you like.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better):

  • A “custom” entry in the resizing options that would prompt the user for size width and height coordinates on the fly.
  • Vista support (version tested does not support Vista).

The verdict: I quite like this program and recommend it (although I would like it more if it
included the features in my wish list above).

Note that quick window resizing is offered in a number of freeware Windows-management type programs (namely DM2 and RadWinMan). However, you would use Sizer if you just want the sizing function and do not care for the many (many) functions DM2 has to offer (or, alternately, want the ability to define custom profiles which RadWinMan lacks).

Version tested: 3.3

Compatibility: Windows 9x/2k/XP; noVISTA support.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 73K).