SmallStock is a memory-resident program that monitors user-selected stocks on the NASDAQ exchange in real time and displays alerts in the system tray whenever a set of user-defined criteria occurs.

It can also track your portfolio of stocks and report on any incurred profits or losses.

This program was created for the casual, non-professional trader as a means to track and report changes on stocks of interest.

It is extremely intuitive and easy to use straight away with no learning curve to speak of.

Here are some notes on this program:

Watch list: allows you to add any NASDAQ stock to your watch list.


Alerts: user-defined alerts that pop up in the system tray area based on any/all of the following 5 criteria: price rises or falls to a certain value, increases or decreases to a certain value, or volume of trading exceeds a certain level. (See second screenshot for alerts).

  • Alert frequency: for any of your criteria, you could ask to be alerted every time the event occurs, to be alerted once a day, or just a single, non-recurring alert.
  • Stock selection: what I like about this program is that stocks are selected via a pull-down menu which is filtered by whatever you enter in the box for ’stock name’. For example, if you’re typing in “Google” it will immediately jump down to the Google entry by the time you have typed in “goo”. You will easily be able to select your stock without having to look up its stock symbol.
  • Ad-hoc stock data lookup: you can look up a stock’s info on a one-time basis without adding it to your watch list. Info includes percent change, price, volume, low and hight price points for the day. Smallstock does not offer more extensive information than that, does not retrieve historical information, and does not support any historical trend charting (if you want that you might want to try the excellent Widdly).
  • Importing and exporting: you can easily save your watch list and share it with others if you want.

My wish list (or how this program can be even better).

  • Support for markets beyond just the NASDAQ. The stock selection dialog has a little pull down menu for markets with ’NASDAQ’ being the only selectable option. I am guessing that future versions will allow for more market indexes.

If you are interested in tracking stocks this is a great little program that can keep you informed in real time. It is lightweight and doesn’t consume a lot of resources and is very well designed in general. Kudos to the programmers for giving us this nice little tool absolutely free. Version tested: 1.5.00 beta Compatibility: Windows 2003, XP, VISTA. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (will be downloaded automatically during setup if not installed yet) The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver. 1.8 of the program here.