SmartTab is a freeware replacement for the Windows Alt-Tab dialog. It is a simple lightweight application that adds full window/application names next to open windows and allows you to launch them through number keys or by using the mouse.

This is an Alt-Tab replacement that favors simplicity and practicality over screen previews and Vista-style 3D pyrotechnics.

The main advantage is that all open windows/programs are displayed (and labelled) in front of view so you don’t have to waste your time clicking Alt-Tab over and over in order to flip through half a dozen selections to get to what you want.

Here are some more features:

  • SmartTab is a single executable that does not require installation. Simply put it where you want it and, if you want it to start with Windows, add it to your startup folder (if you need to, use a program such as Starter to help you manage your startup items). To Uninstall it simply delete the executable and reboot.
  • SmartTab is a lightweight app that needs very little resources.
  • Allows you to configure color scheme
  • Will highlight windows that are flashing in the taskbar.

If you are not satisfied with Windows’ built in Alt-Tab or merely want something more practical give this one a shot. I particularly like the option to open windows/programs by number instead of flipping through them. I highly recommend this one.

Version tested: 5 (3/5/06)

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP.

Go to the program home page to get the latest version (approx 55k).