Snail Bob is a charming little browser-based physics game


What does it mean to have hundreds of fun, casual, browser-based games out there, free to play and waiting? It probably means that we are overwhelmed with all the choices, and less likely to stop and play any of them.

Which is sad, because some games are worth playing. Exhibit A: Snail Bob, a cute platform “physics” game that you can get into and out of quickly, without becoming an anti-social hermit, for a quick change of pace.

How to play: the first thing you to do is scan each level for the controls and figure out how they interact with Bob the snail, who simply will simply march on at a steady pace, seemingly oblivious to the different elements in the environment around him.

Luckily, he’s got someone watching out for him (you), to make sure that he gets from the beginning of a level to it’s end.

The verdict: a charming little game; and anyway we at Freewaregenius are partial to anything that is labeled as a “physics” game –why not try it? You will be charmed, even if for just a little while.

Play Snail Bob here.