“Soda 3D PDF Reader” adds a nice ‘page flipping’ effect to your PDF reading experience


What does “3D PDF” mean? A PDF reader that can ‘flip’ pages visually in 3D as if reading a real book. Soda 3D PDF a free PDF reader that can do this for PDFs as well as CBR and CBZ comic book formats. Additionally, it can also convert just about any document type into PDF.

It does this by bundling it’s own virtual PDF printer into the installation as well as adding ‘export to PDF’ extensions to MS Office applications and Internet Explorer.

Soda 3D is a well rounded PDF reader with nice functions, but lacking PDF annotation and editing functions in the free version.

You’ve seen a page flipping PDF viewer before on Freewaregenius (Martview, reviewed here), however, compared to that one Soda 3D PDF is a much more well rounded PDF viewer, and looks and feels like a professional PDF viewer that can compete with other well established PDF readers. But is it worth keeping? Read on …

Soda 3D PDF Reader Screenshot1

The most notable feature about this software: aside from the animated flipping effect, is the fact that it combines a PDF reader with PDF creation functions, including the bundling of it’s own virtual PDF printer into the install as well as MS Office and Internet Explorer plugins for exporting to PDF.

Other features: a nice search function, support for CBZ and CBR comic book formats, form filling.

What is lacking: annotation and editing functions, such as a typewriter tool for example or the ability to create and use stamps.

The verdict: a nice PDF reader overall. I like the page flipping animation effect, and the bundling of PDF creation functions can be a good thing if you do not want to bother with installing your own PDF virtual printer and/or you have a pre 2007 version of office.

But I cannot give this too enthusiastic an endorsement. This is because (a) it lacks any annotation and editing functions (available in PDF X-Change Viewer), but also because (b) I do not care to install it’s PDF printer when there are many excellent free PDF printers out there that are more powerful and have more features than the the one bundled here. Similarly, you do not need it’s MS Office plugins if you have Office 2007 or above as these have built in export-to-PDF capability without the need for the extra addons.

But I really like the full-screen reading experience with Soda 3D reader; if you just want a free PDF reader with a high coolness factor then Soda 3D PDF Reader will not disappoint.

Version tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7; 32bit and 64 bit

Go to the program page to download (~4.14 megs). Note that you will have to go through registration with a valid email address in order to receive a key that will unlock some features.