Sorry – post has been taken down and is no longer available

This can happen due to ANY of the following reasons:

  • The software or service has been discontinued or removed.
  • The FREE version of the software can no longer be accessed or used, because the developer changed it’s status after we wrote about it and now it’s payware.
  • The software was not free, but rather a demo or time trial (and we didn’t fully realize it before writing about it).
  • Subsequent to our review of it, the software has been bundled with aggressive crapware  that prevents us from recommending it any longer.
  • The software is exhibiting signs of containing malware subsequent of our original review of it.

A log of titles thus affected, started on Dec 6th 2012 (some entries prior to this date may not be listed).

  • Otixo: removed the free version, so I removed the review. Check out lots of other great ‘Cloud Aggregator‘ type services that do offer a free plan.
  • WikipediaMaze: seems to be offline.
  • Autosnap: for iOS, no longer free.
  • Doocuments: the service has been discontinued, no longer exists.
  • Skyfile: service discontinued, no longer exists.
  • Grooveshark downloader: aggressive crapware that won’t take no for an answer (possible malware).
  • Allpeers: p2p file sharing service was discontinued.
  • Media-convert: online media conversion service was discontinued.
  • Ycpod: video downloader; disappeared, no longer exists.
  • Civil Netizen: service and program discontinued, no longer exit.
  • Quickeo: service and program discontinued, no longer exit.
  • Homepage Startup: thumbnailed bookmarks page online. Discontinued.
  • Dizzler Desktop Player: the Dizzler music service has been discontinued.
  • F-ab: gone for good.
  • Feed Crier: RSS and IM conflated. Discontinued.
  • UVayer: desktop based YouTube client. Try 
  • Time Machiner: schedule emails into the future. Unless the service dies before the future comes, which it did.
  • Free wi-fi Hotspot finder: just  ask your coworkers, they’ll know where there’s free WIFI.
  • Evri: semantic search and relationship-mapping. RIP.
  • Vocalyze.
  • Instinctiv player.
  • Noodzy.
  • Google reader inline.
  • Shorttext.
  • Bumptop your desktop in 3d.
  • Canaware-netnotes.
  • Evri-toolba.
  • Moyea FLV Downloader.

We apologize.