South Park Alan Watts Zen


The guys from South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) have come up with some animations that ’illustrate’ the words of wisdom of Alan Watts (philosopher, writer, speaker, and expert in comparative religion according to Wikipedia) — to be found for your perusal on this Souljerky blogposting entitled “South Park Zen”.

Anyway a friend of mine sent me this link and I liked it so much I decided to share it with you, my dear Freewaregenius audience.

(The videos are, after all, “free” — so technically they are “freeware”, right?) These skits are about the meaning or, um, pointlessness of life, Zen … and other such pontifications. Trust me you will like them 😉 (Yes when I’m not doing freeware I fancy myself a bit of a philosopher.)

Alan Watts picture lifted from WikipediaThe Southpark version of Alan Watts





More on Alan Watts here.

Credit: thanks Khader for sending me the link!

Go to the SoulJerky “South Park Zen” page.