Sprout is a small flash adventure/puzzle game with a little green seed as protagonist. It features a very original premise and very simple audio-visuals and game dynamics.

This game begins when coconuts drop off a palm tree on a small island off the coast. Except one of these isn’t a coconut at all, but a little green seedling who wants to be an acorn.

Both the palm tree and the seedling are puzzled by this, but the palm (which apparently has a rather practical bent) points the little seedling to the spot over the horizon where the oak trees are. The seedling knows that it must travel over to that spot and take root with them.

You play the seedling and you have a very special power to help you accomplish your task. Once you run into other plants, you acquire the ability to morph into their seed and sprout as the new plant. In fact the entire game dynamic revolves around which plant to morph into in which situation in order to progress further.

This game is cute all around (the premise, the artwork, the little puzzles). The visuals look like a child’s paper-cut drawing (I love games that look like art and have decent playability (see And Yet it Moves for another good looking paper/collage themed game). It is the kind of pleasant brain-teaser that you could pick up and finish in about 20 minutes. By all means check it out.

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