‘Status Snapper’ provides a quick way to ANONYMOUSLY share Facebook Statuses


Ever come across a Facebook status (a.k.a a post with the discussion underneath) that you wished you could share publicly on the internet, while preserving the anonymity of the people who liked it and/or left comments underneath?

If so, then ‘Status Snapper’, a free Chrome extension, can provide a quick and easy way to capture screenshots of Facebook statuses while automatically blurring all names and profile pictures in the discussion underneath, maintaining the content without any identifying names or inf.

It will also automatically upload it to Imgur for quick sharing.

Status Snapper Screenshot4

How to Capture Facebook Statuses

Install Status Snapper for Google Chrome. Once installed, login to your Facebook account and a newspaper icon will appear in your address bar. To capture any status, just click on the newspaper icon and it will show you a new ‘Snap’ button in the address bar top right.

Status Snapper icon

Clicking the ‘Snap’ button will automatically blur the profile images and names, not just of the person who wrote the status but also others who liked or commented. If you want to remove the blur effect from any particular name or profile picture of the person, simple hover your mouse on top of it the blur effect will be removed.

Status Snapper Screenshot1Status Snapper Screenshot2

To confirm the snap, just click on the Finish button and it will automatically show you a popup and will start uploading it to Imgur. After the upload is complete, it will automatically open the uploaded image on Imgur and you can share the link with anyone you want.

Important note: (a.k.a bug alert!) For Status Snapper to work properly, make sure the status is in the center of your browser window (i.e. in Facebook’s one column display); otherwise it will not correctly blur some of the names and images, for some reason.

The verdict:

It might not be an extension that you need desperately but nonetheless its something you can use to have fun with your friends. One thing think the developer of the extension should take into consideration is to bring support of multiple online cloud storage services and not just Imgur, and to allow for logging into one’s exising Imgur account. The other thing on our wish list: fix the bug so that it works when Facebook displays more than one column.

Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried Status snapper.

Get Status Snapper for Google Chrome.