Stickies is a desktop notes program that offers a slew of advanced features including timed alerts, logging of all activity, PDA support, notes sharing over a network, and emailing of notes from within the sticky application.

I initially set out to find a stickies program that offered simple features; with Stickies I found what I wanted and more.

The following is a list of what this program has to offer.

  • Lightweight and simple; doesn”t write to the registry or create system files.
  • Allows for different color and size stickies and the saving of style “profiles” so you can quickly access these after initially creating them. Supports skins (downloadable from author”s site).
  • Can associate alarms with each sticky note. You can set the date and time or you can just set an interval (e.g. after 1 hour). The notes will jiggle around hilariously at the set time, which is quite a nice effect.
  • Can tell the note to “sleep” for a certain period of time, during which it will not be visible.
  • Notes can be set to various degrees of transparency, allowing you to see the desktop behind them; they will also “snap to grid” should you want to line them up side by side.
  • Will start with Windows and display the stickies that were there before the reboot.
  • Deleted stickies are stored and can be easily retrieved (until you delete them permanently).
  • Offers international language support.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts for the hotkey-inclined among us.

Advanced features:

  • Ability to email sticky straight from the desktop (no need to run an email program).
  • Ability to share stickies with other users connected to the network.
  • Sync Stickies to and from a Palm or PPC PDA.

This is a good, solid free desktop notes program. Among five that I tested this one emerged as the definite leader of the pack. This is not just because it offered more advanced features than the others, but I also simply liked it best in terms of its “look and feel”. What’s even more impressive is that the author offers a host of other free apps that support and work with Stickies, extending its functionality. In short, this is a 100% free program that rivals anything you can pay for.

Version tested: 5.2b

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the download page to download the latest version. The program home page.