Take and Access Notes in the Cloud, on Any Google Talk Enabled Device


If you want a simple, free note capturing tool, then let me introduce you to Sticky.Io,  a free online service that allows people to both take notes using Google talk, use tags to organize them, and access them online from anywhere. piggybacks on an existing structure to provide ubiquitous notes in the cloud. You can add notes from any browser or device simply by using Google Talk (or a Google Talk mobile app), and access them inside your browser from anywhere.

Signing up: the first step is to click on the button that reads “Sign in with Google”. You will be required to give permission to the app to view your basic account information (such as your email address) and access your account so you can use it while using Google Talk.

Once done, you will be directed to the main dashboard of the Sticky.Io website. A simple interface that allows you to take your notes quickly and effectively. You can color and highlight your notes so as to make them stand out and also as a way to organize them accordingly.

StickyNotes Screenshot2

Tagging: you can create ‘notebooks’ in to organize your notes. For example: family, work, school, home, etc. To create a new Notebook, just click on the “+ Add a New Notebook” option – you can give the notebook it’s very own color so as to differentiate the notes from others. To add notes to a specific notebook simply end your note with an ‘@xyz’ where xyz is the name of the notebook.


Creating notes: in Google Talk you can simply add [email protected]” as a contact, then add notes by simply sending a message to the Notes contact, whereupon the note will automatically be uploaded on your Sticky.Io account for later access.


In Conclusion:

StickyIO notes on AndroidA very interesting approach to taking notes that makes quick note taking a breeze. The application integrates perfectly with any XMPP client, which includes: Google Talk, Swift, Gajim, and other chat messengers, and notes can be quickly sent in from any mobile device with a chat client that supports Google Talk.

And although you can access your notes at any time from any browser (see screenshot to the right), the folks at Sticky.IO could really do themselves and their users a huge service by providing a mobile app which can display and take notes instead of relying on a browser.

There have been a number of innovative note taking programs and services lately, and Sticky.IO is definitely one of the more interesting we’ve seen. Check it out, you may like it.

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