Submit your own tip or question in our new ‘user posts’ section


Want to start a discussion on this site? Looking for a specific freeware tool or app? Wondering about what the best free alternative to a commercial software might be? Curious as to what free tool the editors or the Freewaregenius community might recommend for doing a particular task? Found a particular free tool that you cannot believe isn’t written up and that you want everyone to know about?

You can post any question, tip or discussion on our new ‘user posts’ section. Note, however, that the service is moderated, and that an admin (most probably myself) will have to approve the post before it goes live. This is necessary in order to curb spam and/or inappropriate topics, but it will also have a positive side in that I can respond quickly and answer questions on the spot whenever I can.

The ‘User Posts’ section is intended to function much like a forum. I was trying to avoid the hassle and commitment that comes with a typical forum, while having the forum discussion experience take place in the Disqus-powered comments section.

User Posts Illustration

I am also hoping to be able to ask readers questions in this section in order to use the answer in future posts, such as what is your favorite freeware (fill in the blank), what do you like to see in a such and such tool, etc.