SwWeek: display the current calendar week in the system tray


SwWeek is a small free program whose sole function is to display the current calendar week number in the system tray.

Do you organize your work or personal life by week? Does it figure prominently in planning the things you do? My guess is that if you actually have an idea as to what week we’re in right now you probably will find that displaying this information on your system tray very practical.

For myself I like to set goals and deadlines by week. Also, for example, I create a folder for each week into-which I download the software that I find during that time, etc, so you can see how this program can be really useful to me. Here are more notes on this software:


  • Day of the year: hover over the little week number in the system tray to get the number of the day of the year as well.
  • Memory usage: just under 3 megs, which is more than I would have thought but still very low.
  • Exiting the program: double-life-click on the system tray icon/number to exit.
  • Installing: just unzip somewhere convenient and run. You can add a shortcut of the program to the startup folder to launch with Windows, or use a startup manager such as my favorite Starter.

The verdict: a simple program for a simple concept. I wavered before finally deciding to post this program, but finally decided to do it because despite being such a simple thing I am finding it extremely useful and was thinking that other people (especially businesspeople) will too.

Version Tested: n/a

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the program page o download the latest version (approx 18K).