SYNCiTunes: instantly sync changes in your audio library with iTunes


If you use iTunes but prefer to manage your audio tags using another program, SYNCiTunes is a small, free app that can keep the iTunes library up to date and in-sync with all external changes.

Some of the things SYNCiTunes does: add new tracks that exist in the sync folder to the iTunes library, update audio tags and artwork in the iTunes library that may have changed externally, and remove songs from the iTunes library that no longer exist.

It also optionally performs a few esoteric functions, such as resetting custom volume settings that iTunes might introduce to some songs, remove “blank” albums in iTunes that may cause tracks to be invisible in the artist’s song list, to name a couple.

SYNCiTunes is a tiny, portable app that is run on-demand if and when you need it. All the interventions it offers are optional, so you can pick and choose exactly what you want it to do.

Do you use iTunes? I do, because I have an iPhone, but my favorite program to edit and manage audio tags is MP3Tag. It is much more powerful than iTunes rudimentary editing functions and integrates with the Windows context menu. It also is great at looking up album art and, unlike iTunes, can store the artwork in the audio tag themselves. Contrast this to Apple who, in their quest to become the new Microsoft, lets iTunes look up album art but stores it god-knows-where deep in the iTunes folder, effectively saying: we’ll display this great cover art for you in iTunes, but take your music library somewhere else and, sorry, you can’t display our cover art with another program or device. Happily, I can look up album art wherever I want (i.e. MP3Tag), store it in the song’s audio tag, and sync it with iTunes on demand using SYNCiTunes.

The verdict: if you like to manage your audio library and/or artwork outside of iTunes then you’ll really appreciate this. If there is one thing I would wish for with SYNCiTunes is a little more info on some of the functions, such as the “make real changes” and “Sync exclude files in iTunes” checkboxes (what are they?). Otherwise kudos to the developers for a nifty little app that can come in quite handy.

Version Tested: 1.21

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires iTunes.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 420K).