SysExporter: extract infromation from any program or window, even when copying and pasting is not an option


SysExporter is a small tool that allows you to extract information from any application or window and export it as text, HTML, or XML files.

It is designed to retrieve information from programs that do not normally allow you to simply copy/paste info, such as the files list inside a folder or zip archive, list of emails and/or contacts in an email client, registry values in the right pane of the registry editor, error message prompts, etc.

What do you do when you have information being displayed right in front of you that you need but cannot simply copy/paste or export? Typically what I used to do in this situation is simply grab a screenshot and perform OCR (optical character recognition) using a program such as JOCR.

With SysExporter, however, I could simply locate the application that I want to extract data from in the SysExporter interface, then simply scroll through all of the dialogs associated with that application until I find the information I seek. Simple and quick. Here are more notes on this program:

  • Information you can extract: everything, from a list of checkboxes used by a program or dialog to the list of files in a folder to the HTML of a web page.
  • The user interface: simple and straightforward. Scroll throught the different controls/elements in the top pane, and preview the available data in the bottom pane. Note that you could filter across the different controls (e.g. Listview, Listbox, Combobox, Treeview, etc), as the program allows you to activate/deactivate these at will. If you don’t quite know what this means forget about it: simply scroll through all the available dialogs of the program you seek and you will find your info.
  • Portable: installer setup as well as zip-only versions available.

Some examples of practical applications of this (aside from the first two these were lifted straight from the program home page):

  • The results for a windows file/folder search.
  • Error message prompts, in case you want to keep the error message or number for whatever reason.
  • The files list inside archive file (.zip, .rar, and so on) as displayed by WinZip or 7-Zip File Manager.
  • The files list inside a folder.
  • The event log of Windows.
  • The list of emails and contacts in Outlook Express (or any other email client)
  • The Registry values displayed in the right pane of the Registry Editor.
  • The data displayed by SysInternals utilities (Registry Monitor, File Monitor, Process Explorer, and others.)
  • The text inside a standard message-box of Windows.
  • The HTML inside any instance of Internet Explorer.

The verdict: a very nice program that you will certainly find extremely useful when you discover a need for it — and now that you know about it, you will sooner or later realize that yes, you do need it 😉 . Simply stated another fantastic freeware release from NirSoft.

Version Tested: 1.39

Compatibility: WinAll; 64-bit version also available.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 37K).