Take archival snapshots in time of any web page, with Peeep.us


Ever wished you could take archival snapshots of a website, such that you could always refer to and see the exact content of the page at that particular moment in time, no matter how it may be changed later on? (Could be useful if browsing the site of a particular Republican candidate for president).

If so, we present you with Peeep.us, a free service that will keep snapshots of any page you want at any particular point in time. Simply add your desired URL (or use the Peeep bookmarklet), and it will generate a shortened URL that will display the page as you saw back when you took the snapshot.

Peeep can be useful for archival and documentation purposes, as well as a quick way to retrieve articles for later reading, without too much trouble.

Peeep is not only easy and intuitive, but you can use the service without having to login or register an account; simply copy and keep your shortened URL and you’re good to go. Note, however, that any pages you Peeep will be publicly available to anyone who has the URL. You can use the URL to share the page on Facebook , Twitter, or other social networks.

Peeep screenshot

You can, however, login with a Google account to access a list of all previously stored webpages, or remove pages so that the URL will not display the page any longer.

Peeep screenshot2

What makes this service attractive, aside from the fact that it delivers precisely what it promises, is its minimalist simplicity. We like and recommend it.

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