Take control of your (non-SPAM) ad-mail and roll it into one daily digest, with Swizzle


Ever been overwhelmed by all the products that come into your email account because you signed up for something or other? Now, I’m not talking about spam, I’m talking about emails that you get about products that you actually like and/or want.

For example, if you get notified about all the different games you have been waiting to come out on a regular basis, a note from your girlfriend about dinner next week could go un-noticed in the swamp of ad-mail that you get on a regular basis.

Well, Swizzle will take control of these kinds of emails and not only keep you from being overwhelmed by them, but will actually put them all in one place so you can have easy access to all the different things you personally like. Imagine if you were to create a catalog of only items or brands that you actually like and you’ve got a basic idea of how Swizzle works and what it can offer you.


Using Swizzle is just about the easiest thing in the world, which is a boon to those of us that don’t have the time or inclination to learn a complex new interface. All you have to do is give them your email address, and log in to your email using your password. There’s a button right on the log in page explaining their privacy practices and policies, and it assuaged any fears I had (but, as always, if you don’t feel comfy, don’t do it!) so I went ahead to check it out, using an old ‘throw away’ email address of mine. Swizzle will then scan your email to find products and brands that you actually like and you’ll shortly be given a list of them. You then get to choose whether to add each one to your catalog. Once you have added as many as you like, Swizzle will offer a few suggestions about brands or products that they think you might like, based on the info already gathered. Then, you’ll get to choose how often Swizzle contacts you by email to let you know about those ones you have chosen. It takes longer to read this article than it does to get started with Swizzle.


Your daily digest is the email they will send to you on the frequency you specified and that’s it! You now have all the brands and items you like in one place, one email, at one time when you want it. Now you won’t have to worry about missing important emails and you won’t have to worry that products you actually care about are winding up in your spam folder. Overall, I found Swizzle to be a great free way to bridge the gap between spam and ads that I actually cared about and it’s zero cost and ease of use make it something I would suggest everyone try, especially if you do any online shopping (as so many of us do now). Until next time, my friends!

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