Take full page screenshots of webpages and annotate them, with Fireshot for Firefox, Chrome, and IE


Do you ever need to take full length screenshots of a webpage – or for that matter, screenshots of the visible or selected areas? If so, then read on.
While you will find numerous applications that allow you to take screenshots, there are very few tools that let you annotate and edit directly, add watermarks, and even fewer that will directly convert them to PDF documents to allow convenient sharing.

FireShot for is a free tool for Firefox, Chrome, or IE that offers you these features within a single package.

FireShot is a user-friendly tool that lets you take screenshot of webpages and then save them as PNG image files or PDF documents. You can capture either the complete webpage, only the visible area of the page, or a particular region from the visible area. The tool comes primarily as a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox but it can also be incorporated into Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

FireShot feat screenshot

In Firefox, the add-on adds a new icon in the address bar. This icon can be clicked and you can select the appropriate option to save the image, edit it within FireShot or an external editor, print it, simply copy it to clipboard, save it as a PDF document, or upload it online. The options let you set a hotkey for its default action which can also be customized.

But where this browser extension shines is in the editing and annotation capability that it provides, making Fireshot all you need to work with screenshots even after you take them. See the screenshot below for a taste of what the editor has to offer.


If you need a watermark added to your screenshot for whatever reason, you can set, to be added automatically to the screenshots you capture. Text watermarks and Bitmap image files are supported as watermarks.

FiireShot Screenshot - editing and annotation

In Summary:

FireShot is an excellent webpage screenshot tool that offers you a bunch of additional (and convenient) features, not least of which are the annotation and editing tools. It also works on multiple browsers, and generally does an excellent job. I like that you can specify your intent before taking the screenshot, telling it whether you want to edit, save, print, upload, or convert your image to PDF from the get go.

There is also offers a Pro version which provides more features such as unlimited undo actions, independent screen capture windows, customized uploads to FTP and HTTP servers, and multi-editor interface.