Talkino: explore the web with others who share your interests


Do you remember the last time you discovered something wonderful on the Internet and had no one to share it with? Well the internet makes it easy to find interesting articles, images, websites and other content that you like, and now (for better or worse) it makes it easy to find others who share these interests and/or feel or think the same way.

Talkino is a free online social platform that allows people to discover stuff on the internet, comment on their discoveries and share and discuss them with everyone on the Talkino network who are so inclined, regardless of whether the page itself has a functioning comments section or not, or whether it is a blog format or any other.

Essentially, Talkino lives in your browser as a bookmarklet that you can use at any time to add individual URLs to the Talkino network and comment or have a discussion about them.


This is a combination website discovery engine and meta comments platform. It is a great tool for discussing online news and articles, for finding thousands of interesting new articles on the Internet and then comment on and discuss them with others on the Talkino network.


Using the tool is pretty simple. Go to the main page and put the bookmark icon on your toolbar. Enter your e-mail address and you will get an email to confirm your account. You will also select your language to ensure you communicate with people that share similar language. You will then be directed to your dashboard.

Talkino 1

Once you navigate to a website just click on the bookmark to start a comment box. Your comments, and that of others that may respond will become visible in this comment box; allowing a discussion to take place. Just click the bookmark icon again to pop-up the comment box again


Talkino is quite an impressive service, and a great concept. It allows you to comment on most any site online, whether there is a comments system there or not.

The question, however, is whether a system like this has any chance of competing or even living alongside comments sections that already exist in blogs and webpages, and my guess is that this is unlikely to happen, simply because most people who may be inclined to leave a comment (1 out of every 100 visitors, on average) aren’t likely to also be users of Talkino. Add to this that the discussion in many cases needs or is enriched by the input of the author, who will certainly not put his/her comments on anything but his/her own page.

Still, Talkino is unique and user friendly, and is a great way to find and interact people with similar interests.

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