‘Task Paper’ displays your to-do list right on your iPhone lock screen


Despite the fact that Reminder apps and Task Managers have become common on smartphones, many users still forget things they have to do.

Sure, you could set up alarms or keep checking your to-do app obsessively, but Task Paper has a better answer.

Task Paper is a FREE, useful task manager for iOS devices that is different in one simple yet potentially brilliant respect: it adds the full to-do list to you device lock screen or springboard, so that they are always a glance away.

It does this by converting your items into customizable wallpaper images that can then be applied to your Springboard or lock screen.

Task Paper Lock ScreenTask Paper Lock choose background

How it works:

Once you’ve entered your list of tasks, simply tap on the small arrow button at the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on Set As Wallpaper.

Task Paper Tasks ListTask Paper Lock create wallpaper

It will present you with the list of wallpapers you can use to in your to-do list. If you are not satisfied with the custom wallpapers in the app, you can even import any picture from your photo library as well. Apart from that, you can even change the text color as well for easier reading. Click on Save when you are done with the wallpaper. It will automatically save the wallpaper in your photo library which you can use as on your lock screen.

The Verdict:

Task Paper is a nice little to-do and task management app for iPhone. It does most of what you might expect from a task management app, such as create and manage multiple to-do lists and email individual items. The innovative part – that of embedding your to-do’s on your startup screen – involves an extra step to convert your list to a wallpaper image, but it may be well worth the time, and may be the reason you will actually benefit from this task manger rather than it becoming just another unused to-do app.

Task Paper does have some room for improvement when compared with other task management apps. Specifically, timed reminders would be nice, as well as the ability to share/delegate tasks with other users. Or you might think that less is actually more, and actually prefer a more straightforward app that can simply help keep you organized.

Give Task Paper a try and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Download Task Paper (iOS).