taskTome: a competent and intuitive task organizer


taskTome is a personal information manager that comprises a monthly planner, task list, notes module, and a money-management module.

It offers a good set of well-thought-out features while maintaining a clean, intuitive interface.

If you need software to help you organize your appointments, tasks, notes, and/or finances without being overly-laden with features and complications then taskTome is probably what you are looking for.

taskTome allows you to use any or all of the four components that it has on offer (Planner/tasks/notes/money), or otherwise to disable any component(s) that you do not care to use.

One thing that I will say about this program is that all four components are very competent in their own right, and all of them manage to offer just the right amount of features/sophistication to make them very useful while still maintaining a very straightforward interface with no learning curve to speak of.

Here are more notes on this software:

  • Monthly planner: offers a month-view (no week or daily views, but these somehow don’t seem necessary). You can add an event by right clicking “add event”. Events can be set to repeat at regular intervals and, if so, can be set to expire at a certain date. The event page itself offers rich-text editing options as well as a spelling checker.
  • tasktome screenshot: tasksTasks component: you can set (1) priority, (2) user-specified category, (3) date, and (4) status, and sort by any of these fields by clicking on the column headers. A task with a set date will appear in the monthly planner page, which is great. Other features: spell-checking, adding comments to individual tasks, a search box for finding tasks.
  • Notes component: offers tabbed notes browsing, rich text editing, spell-check, and searching within a note (although not across all notes). You can also embed objects such as MS Office files, images, etc. in your notes. Notes are individually saved in taskTome’s own format, but can be exported. The bottom line on notes: an OK component, but will not compel you to migrate from your current notes program if you have one.
  • Money component: this is a kind of cash flow table which gives you the ability to define as many “accounts” as you need (which you can do in the ’settings’ section), including associating a URL with the account such as to be able to open that URL in the browser from within taskTome at the click of a button. It also provides a chart that represents your financial situation visually and includes an interest calculator. Personally, unless a money program was going to communicate with my accounts online I would rather use Excel than use this, but I can see the attraction of using this if you would like to keep all of this info in one app.
  • Exporting: you can export events, tasks, notes, as well as any financial history you might have entered into CSV.
  • Spellcheck: as mentioned above, all text entered can be spell-checked using taskTome’s internal spellcheck.

Wish list:

  • I would have loved to be able to specify the location where taskTome saved data (and the location of the automatic bakups).

The verdict: If you are looking for a program that will sync with your Outlook or Google Calendar and/or enable you to check your balances and pay your bills online (for the financial component) then this is NOT the program you need; alternately, if all you want is a simple software that can be used straight out of the (proverbial) box without connecting to other apps or the internet you will find taskTome to be a delightful and competent program.

My personal favorites are the planner and tasks sections; but I would choose to opt out on the notes and money sections, where I prefer more sophistication that taskTome aims to provide.

Version Tested: 1.0

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 3.42 megs).