TaskUnifier: a feature-rich task management program and Toodledo desktop client


TaskUnifier is a free, feature-rich desktop-based task management software that syncs with cloud-based online task management service Toodledo, allowing you to manage your to-do and task lists on multiple devices and smartphones (including iPhone), or multiple computers.

The feature-rich program supports the GTD methodology (GTD, which stands for “getting things done”, is a popular method for task management that adheres to a few basic principles, foremost of which is classifying tasks together in lists).

TaskUnifier will let you several kinds of lists; e.g. categories (called folders), contexts (e.g. on the phone”), locations, and even “goals”. It also lets you apply user defined tags and provides a search function.

PROS: here’s why this app is cool

1- Supports Toodledo rather than Remember the Milk: while these 2 are the most widely used cloud-based task management web services (I previously reviewed my favorite RTM desktop client), I’ve abandoned RTM and now use Toodledo. This is for 2 reasons (1) the fact that RTM forces you to pay for the premium version every month in order to use the RTM iPhone app, and seem to actively resist third party to-do app support for RTM, and (2) the fact that Toodledo, while not as clean-looking as RTM, is more feature rich.

2- Feature rich: aside from the supported lists (Contexts, Folders, Locations, and Goals), you can define custom views (listed under ’Personal’ in the sidebar), offers a search function, allows you to “star” items (Gmail-style), and lets you define task “templates” (see below). It also supports recurring tasks, a priority field, and start and due dates. Subtasks can be created by dragging and dropping one task over another.

3- Saved searches: the “Personal” section in the sidebar allows for creating and saving
sophisticated searches and views.

4- Task templates: supposing you find yourself adding a certain task under a certain folder, a certain context, tags, etc.; you could make it quick and easy to do so by defining and using a template that includes all of these details.

5- Clean and simple interface: straightforward and functional. Click on a column header to sort it ascending or descending.

6- Plugin architecture: Toodledo support provided via a plugin; TaskUnifier can in theory support other services with the release of new plugins.

CONS: or wish list, or how to make this program even better.

1- Search function: searches tasks only, not tags or any of the other fields. Needs an “advanced” search function (setting up a saved search in the “personal” section, while very worthwhile, is somewhat labor intensive).

2- Tags somewhat redundant: they can only be used to any good effect in the “Personal” saved searches section. The solution: include tags in normal searches (see above).

3- Syncing: changing the settings for the syncing behavior (when to sync and how often) is somewhat hard to determine. I set it to synchronise on launch and exit but cannot for the life of me find those settings again.. Also beware: if there are any tasks that you create and leave blank without a title, syncing will error out and not tell you why it is doing so.

4- Needs an undo function: would make it easier to work with the program.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

The verdict: very versatile and value-added task management app.

As I mentioned elsewhere on this site, I cannot imagine using a task management program that does not sync online, because only then could I work with a unified task last on my PC and my smartphone/iPhone. I finally found a desktop client for Toodledo and it happens to be an excellent one.

Version Tested: 0.7.0

Compatibility: Windows. Requires Java 1.6 or higher.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 5.2 megs).