iPrint: the best FinePrint freeware alternative, prints 2 or 4 pages on a single sheet of paper


Do you ever wish you could save paper by printing two (or even four) pages of a document on a single sheet of paper? Or perhaps the document you are printing contains a lot of pages that you don’t really want or need; wouldn’t be great if you could exclude these from being printed in the first place?, which will not only save you ink and paper (and the planet), but will also produce a lighter, more accessible hard copy that only contains the content you actually want to read.

iPrint is a virtual printer driver that can deliver all of this. It is similar in concept to well known shareware software FinePrint, and although it isn’t as feature-rich as that software, it nonetheless does a wonderful job and, importantly, is 100% free software.

I learned of this software from a reader (thanks ZoNi!) in the comments section of my Gimposition review, a software which lets you format and print PDFs in booklet form. iPrint, however, gives the ability to print 2-or-4 pages per sheet, but in addition it allows the user to delete unwanted pages from the printed output. And because it installs as a virtual printer, it can do this for any document at that you seek to print, of any format.

iPrint Screenshot2

Here’s a few PROS and a Wish list


  • It looks great: very cool user interface (see screenshot above).
  • Applies to any printable document: irrespective of what format or application it is associate with.
  • Auto-deletes blank or mostly blank pages: will automatically decide on redundant and/or mostly blank pages and mark them for deletion. (Note: double click on a ’deleted’ page to un-delete it).

Wish list (or how this software can be even better):

  • The ability to apply borders: please.
  • The ability to add page numbers: would be great, whether to auto-paginate paper sheets or individual pages.

Here’s a video illustrating program features:

The verdict: an excellent program that will not only save you ink and paper, but will give you a high degree of control over what you print. It may not have all of te features that (the shareware) FinePrint has (e.g.adding/removing margins, adding watermarks/stamps) but it may be the closest freeware program to it.

The bottom line is. if you have a printer this is a must install.

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 7.15 megs).