The BEST free Android games: our TOP 5


Looking for some fantastic, totally addictive Android games? I know I am, but if I had a penny every time I installed a free Android game that turned out to be a dud, I would have a little mountain of cash.

The good news: we’ve put together a list of FIVE of the best free Android games that money can’t buy, guaranteed to keep you glued to the small screen and to put a smile on your face.

Why Five?: because less is more. Play these five and spare yourself a lot more pointless installs (that is, until we publish a sequel to this article!). But also because the more games we add, the less confident we would be about our choices. Note that our choices are subjective, or course. But after playing hundreds or free Android games we stand behind this list 100%.

Best Free Android Games Illustration

1. Bad Piggies

Unlikely to be as big of a smash hits for Rovio as Angry Birds, but Bad Piggies is a beautifully crafted game that is remarkably addictive and innovative. The building component is simple yet engaging, and the game design is simply brilliant. Kudos to the developers for a remarkable achievement.

Bad Piggies Screenshot1.jpg

Bad Piggies is ad-supported, and although some of the user app reviews criticize the ad implementation this was not reflected in our experience: the game environment itself is ad-free, and the ads relegated to the admin screens (although some were full page ads that needed to be x-ed out of). Bad Piggies is simply a must for your Android.

Bad Piggies Screenshot2

2. Hill Climb Racing

You may be surprised at our choice for second place, a 2D physics driving game. We were surprised as well, in the best possible sense of the word. Give Hill Climb Racing a chance, even if you don’t typically play this sort of game, and it will suck you in completely.

Hill Climb Racing Screenshot1

The people behind Hill Climb Racing have created multiple worlds for you to race through with different physical properties for each, and different vehicles to race through them. The fact that you can upgrade your vehicles (for cash earned in-game or real money) somehow manages to give this game long term appeal when one would have expected a game like this to wear off quickly (it doesn’t).

Hill Climb Racing Screenshot2

This game is ad-supported, but thegame screen itself is ad free, and you do not have to purchase anything to play it without any handicap.


3. Super Stickman Golf

If you take a look at these screenshots, you wouldn’t guess that this is one remarkable achievement of a game that will keep you glued to your Android, but that’s exactly what it is.

Super Stickman Golf Screenshot1

This game is so simple yet so remarkably well designed. Proof that you do not need too many bells and whistles and 3D graphics to create a winning, extremely addictive game Play this even if you are like me and don’t care for golf one way or another.

Super Stickman Golf Screenshot2

‘Super Stickman Golf’ is freemium, with the option to special gold powerups (e.g. a glued-up golf ball that sticks to objects instead of bouncing, or the option for a limited number of undos). You can get this simply by playing and collecting credits, or you can buy them for real cash.


4. Robotek

Possibly the most original game in this list, Robotek is the kind of game that would impress a game designer, and the kind of game that, once you get into it, has a strange appeal that will keep you playing.


Combining elements of rock/paper/scissors, slot machines, and pure strategy, Robotke is a turn based futuristic robot combat game worth getting hour teeth into.


You can play against the computer or against another human online or by passing the device. It is hard to master this game but my advice is stick with it: it is worth it.


5. TripleTown

A kind of cross between ‘Bejeweled’ and Sim City, this is a match 3’ type puzzle game where you combing similar elements in threes to create larger structures. It’s both an innovative and familiar game that is extremely playable and addictive.


TripleTown employs a very interesting gaming device, the notion that a player has a limited number of turns and has to keep winning (or to spend real money) to replenish them. It will keep you on your toes and provides a large part of the challenge to win.

But overall, a fantastic game.

That’s it. Did we overlook that one free Android game that is your favorite one of all? Tell us about it in the comments section below.