The best Freewaregenius articles of October 2012 (if you’ve missed them)


Most of our readers do not visit this site every day, and are likely to have missed some excellent articles; which is a shame, because while some of the posts we publish are written in the span of a day, others take weeks, even months to put together, and are very much worth checking out.

This post will feature a selection of FIVE of the best Freewaregenius posts published or updated in October 2012, as selected by yours truly.

We are hoping to institutionalize this retrospective showcase and to publish it at the last day of every month. (Another idea we are thinking of is to publish a poll at the end of each month to ask users about the articles they liked the most for that month, so we might do that as well!).

1. The best free data recovery tool: 14 undelete tools compared

  • Is one of the best articles on free data recovery tools on the internet, IMHO.
  • Took more than 6 months to write
  • The free tool that came out on top was completely unexpected to me (and was not even included in the first published version of the article).
  • The illustration, if unclear, is of ‘ghosts’ coming out of the Windows recycle bin.

2. How to install freeware cleanly – a catalog of the most dubious crapware installation methods

  • Free software is exploding, but so are the many unwanted solicitations to install software you do not want (a.k.a ‘crapware’).
  • These try to piggyback on the installers for free software, and are increasing in prevalence
  • They are also getting increasingly more misleading in the hope of getting that ‘accidental’ install to happen.
  • This post tries to take inventory of the most deceptive crapware installers out there, and gives pointers on what to expect and what to look out for.

Hulufeat3. How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (updated)

  • This post was first published in March of 2010, and was fairly popular.
  • However, since then Hulu changed their encryption the programs mentioned in the original post no longer succeeded in downloading from Hulu.
  • Which is why I was simply delighted to have it updated with something that works.

4. Five of the absolute best free image compression tools

  • A nice overview of some of the better image compression tools out there
  • Written by Freewaregenius star blogger B.C.Tiejens.



5. Three COOL sites to share and discover free music (that you’ve probably never heard of)

  • Social / music sharing sites are exploding across the internet, so it’s nice to check out a few lesser know yet awesome music services.


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