The easiest way to download YouTube videos: add ‘pwn’ to the URL


Imagine the scene: You’re visiting family and watching YouTube videos (naturally- isn’t this what all families do?) and your mother/brother/father wants to download the video.

What to do? Do you hunt around the internet for a YouTube downloader type software? Do you start trying to remember the name of an online service that can do the job?

Here’s the easiest thing you can do: add “pwn” to the beginning of the URL in the address box, and watch as a number of downloading options appear for you to choose from.

“pwnyoutube” is a service that can use the YouTube URL structure to identify your desired video and subsequently offer you a slew of possible video-related services to choose from, including downloading, downloading to MP3, video sharing, etc.

pwnYouTube screenshot

How to use:

(1) Browse to the video you want on YouTube, on any browser.

(2) Click into your browser’s address bar, and insert the letter ‘pwn’ (without the quotes) before ‘YouTube’ and right after the ‘www’, and then press enter. See screenshot below.

pwnYouTube step 1

(3) A list of services will appear that can be applied to your video. You have your pick of online video downloading services, online download-to-mp3 services, and others. In the screenshot below, we are choosing ‘keepvid’ as the service to use to download.

pwnYouTube step 2

(4) Once the downloading service page opens, select the quality/format of the video you would like to download, and you’re done. Note: you may be required to allow JavaScript to run on the page.

pwnYouTube step 3

The verdict: what an awesome, simple. idea. The developers behind this didn’t even bother creating their own downloading service, opting instead to serve a menu of existing download services (which, as far as I am concerned, is brilliant!).

This service is actually called ‘DetUrl’, and if you want another way to check it out aside from adding pwn to a YouTube URL, go here.