The Phantom Inventory


The Phantom Inventory” is an animated short film created using puppet (stop motion) techniques and subsequently digitially retouched.

Following the massive success of my Elephant’s Dream posting (actually, it was more like a metaphoric collective shrug of indifference on part of my dear Freewaregenius audience), I wanted to post another animated short film. This time, its the unusually titled “Phantom Inventory”.

The storyline: a bailiff visits an old man in a wheelchair who collects old mementos (“souvenirs that no one wants”, says the old man).

He discovers a vast attic full of curious objects and sets out to take inventory of all the treasures that are there.

Its in French, and is very satisfyingly weird; oh, and don’t worry if you don’t understand French (I don’t); you will still find it interesting.

Watch on Phantom Inventory on Youtube. Go to the film’s home page (27 meg film download available).