The Whitney & Wyatt show


My Friend Wyatt produces a weekly internet TV show right here in beautiful rainy Seattle. The show, entitled “Whitney & Wyatt” focuses on issues related to women such as “can a man and woman be just friends” and the prospect of a “woman for president“.

Since every geek I know is also interested in these themes I decided to write the show up here.

What I like about this show is the seeming ease by which they create content, which often is just simply raising a question and taking it to people on the street or women in the workplace.

I don’t necessarily care for all of the topics covered but there is a new segment created every week with enough variety to keep me coming back for more. The individual segments are meant to be “bite-sized” for busy people.

The other thing I like about this project is that the creators, both veterans of the Seattle area tech industry (including Microsoft) have moved on to pursue more creative endeavors, and one day hopefully I will do the same ;).

But beyond that shows like this one prove that the internet can bring about the democratization of media in this age; all you need are (a) a camera, (b) a good idea, and (c) a website.

Check out the Whitney & Wyatt show. Click here for a listing of the latest featuretts.