Three AWESOME free apps to enhance your Android Calendar


Do you use Calendar function on your Android regularly? Do you rely on it completely to organize every moment of your life? For those people who do (or those who aspire to be like them), we present three FREE apps that can make it easier to work with the Calendar (or significantly enhance the experience).

The apps are:  Zenday (a novel/interesting full fledged task/to-do app), Simple Calendar Widget (a stylish and versatile widget), and Status Agenda (a tweak that integrates your calendar into the Android status bar).

All three of these sync with or work with all of your existing calendars and/or calendar apps, and all three can be used alongside each other.

Android Calendar Apps

1. Zenday (formerly Zime): ‘see’ your future in 3D

Zenday may just be the world’s most interesting calendar app, because of the way it visualizes future events and appointments on a kind of floating timeline receding into the horizon (see left screenshot below left).

Zenday Screenshot1Zenday Screenshot2 (widget)

But despite the visual timeline, you don’t actually have to set a specific time for each task. If you don’t, the task will stay as a floating task and be slotted whenever you have free time in your calendar (and will disappear whenever you mark if as done).

I will say though that this app can feel like a work in progress sometimes. Simple things, like taking an entry and moving it up into the future for example, can seem strangely un-user friendly, even when you would expect that you would simply grab an entry and drag it in time. On the flip side, it has a very innovative concept and I’ve seen it develop and be greatly improved over a short period of time, so definitely check it out.

Zenday offers some nice widgets as well, that can show exactly what you have planned for any particular day (see screenshot above right).

2. Simple Calendar Widget: stylish calendar widget

Simple Calendar Widget Screenshot

If you want to insert a calendar widget inside your desktop/launcher but don’t like the ones that you have, then check out Simple Calendar Widget.

It gives the option to view your calendar items for the upcoming week in a stylish display. It also is very customizable (check out the video on the Google Play page for more info).

3. Status Agenda: view and access the calendar from the status bar

I like this one for two reasons; (1) it can display calendar items quickly in the status bar, and (2) once clicked, it will open your default calendar, making the calendar very easy to access on the fly when you need it.

Status Agenda Screenshot

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