Three must-have tools to enhance your Facebook experience!


Facebook is the second most visited web site on the planet (after Google), so we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance or improve your Facebook experience. This post will present three new FREE Chrome extensions that are both fun and useful.

If you ever wanted to be able to ‘dis-like’ something on Facebook then the Dislike Button is for you. Encrypt Facebook is a tool that can encrypt posts and photos and keep people you do not want to from reading them, and Friendsheet will give you a newspaper style layout for all your photos on Facebook.

The Dislike Button: when simply ignoring something is not enough

A Dislike Button is one of the things that I’ve most commonly heard many, many people say they wish they could get on Facebook so I went searching for a good one and found it. At first, I didn’t really see the point of a dislike button but after using it and seeing the results I have come to love this little button. It installs as a Chrome Extension and will automatically add a button to Dislike anything that

Dislike Button Screen Shot 00001

Facebook has a Like button for. Once you press the Dislike button you will see it show the status immediately, and so will anyone else running the app. Amazingly, I even found that sometimes it worked to show your dislikes to others running similar apps or extensions. I wasn’t able to compile a list of those extensions since the result wasn’t reliable, but this is the one that I found to be most reliable and easy to use.

Make sure you share this extension with your friends so you can all view each others’ dislikes; only users who have the extension can view and/or use this functionality.

Dislike Button Screen Shot 00002

Encrypt Facebook: make your Facebook posts private, and only readable by a select few

Encrypt-Facebook-Screen-Shot-00007Encrypt for Facebook is a fantastic tool that installs as a Chrome Extension and lets you literally encrypt or codify your Facebook posts so that others without the Extension cannot read them. While this might sound daunting at first, it’s astoundingly easy to use since all you have to do is install it, set up a Facebook Group to use it with, and a ‘key’ that consists of any random text. Of course, you will need to invite your friends into the group and give them the key and get them to download the extension. Then, when you go to that specific Facebook Group and type something into the post box, you can select it and it will be encrypted so that anyone who doesn’t have all three of those things won’t be able to read it at all! It will appear as junk characters with no meaning at all. Only the text within that specific group will be encrypted, and only posts that you select the text on will be encoded so your other Facebook timeline posts will not be affected.

Friendsheet: turn Facebook photos into a magazine style photoblog


Friendsheet is one of my favorite Chrome Extensions for Facebook because it turns the whole process of sharing photos on Facebook into a mosaic style work of art instead of the somewhat bland fare offered by default. It’s kind of like taking all your photos, from your timeline (whether posted by your friends or by you) and lays them out in a newspaper like format so you can not only view but easily comment on them all on the same page! You’ll be able to scroll down the page endlessly until you have seen or commented as much as you care to. There are some settings and filters you can use like only viewing pictures of yourself or only pictures of specific events as well as options to add and share new photos straight from the ‘sheet’ without hassle.

If you want another option for this, check out previously mentioned Pixable, which offers a similar functionality.

Friendsheet Screenshot2

So there you are, three fan-tastic (no pun intended) tools for making your Facebook experience more fun and more secure. Until next time, my friends!

  • Get the Dislike Button here
  • Get Ecrypt Facebook here
  • Get Friendsheet here