Three new sources for cool Wallpaper images


I always say that desktop images are more significant than people think, because most so-called ‘knowledge workers’ who typically stare at a computer screen all day, are looking at these images, consciously or subconsciously, all day long.

So, therefore, this week we present you with three excellent sources for wallpaper images that we came across relatively recently: Dizorb, Desktoppr, and Wallpoper.

1. Dizorb: offers high-quality wallpaper images for every conceivable device and screen size

DizOrb Screenshot

Dizorb is a highly polished and professional wallpaper site that offers wallpaper images custom-tailored to every conceivable screen and device, which is to say that you will find any resolution that you need. Just look at the screenshot below to see what I mean; every image has this many download options:

DizOrb Screenshot2

Dizorb also offers free, downloadable fonts and icon packs. [Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this site].

2. Desktoppr: user-curated wallpaper, right in your Dropbox folder

Desktoppr Screenshot

We wrote about Desktoppr previously (check out our Desktoppr review here). What it is a free service that lets users upload wallpaper images (much as users upload videos to YouTube) to share with others. Users are required to own the rights to the images or otherwise upload images in the public domain.

Desktoppr is impressive and a treasure trove of excellent wallpaper imagery. It will require you to create a free account as well as access to your Dropbox account, where it will save those images that you want to keep. Check it out for yourself, you will like it.

3. Wallpoper: a simple wallpaper site with Facebook integration

Wallpoper Screenshot

Wallpoper contains a large archive of images (that is approaching half a million images as of this writing). It may not be apparent at first, but the magazine-style thumbnails do not just represent the image in the thumbnail; scroll down below the main image to see other related images. Or simply use the searchbox to hone in on what you may be looking for.

Many of the wallpapers, however, are images you may have seen before elsewhere on the internet, and a small number do not have very good resolution sizes

You can register with a Facebook account and create your own favorite image collections (a.k.a ‘Walls’). It is designed such that any comments you make on an image are instantly posted to your Facebook, although there is a little check-box under the comment form that can be used to prevent that.

Do you know of any other sites like this that we should know about? Let us know in the comments section!