TimeComx: stylish, easy to use timer and task scheduler


Ever wanted your computer to play a sound at a certain time or when a certain time period has lapsed? How about shutting down or locking the computer or even launching a specific app at a particular time?

TimeComX is a small free app that can schedule any task at a set time or when a certain time period has passed.

Events include beeping (launching a sound file), running any executable or app you like, or locking/shutting down/logging off/putting your computer in sleep mode etc.

TimeComX can also display your PC’s CPU and network usage.

There are quite a few freeware programs like this one; so, to shed more light on TimeComX here’s here’s a list of pros and cons:

TimeComX Screenshot1TimeComX Screenshot2TimeComX Screenshot3


  • Nice, stylish looking interface
  • Easy to use
  • Portable: or at least can be. After install, copy the TimeComX folder to your USB or any other location and it will run portably. You can then uninstall the program and use the portable version exclusively, if you want.
  • Can be password locked so it cannot be closed or the timer stopped by your 7-year old when you’re trying to limit his/her computer use (for example)
  • CPU/network usage display is a nice feature
  • Future/planned features: as they are detailed on their website, are interesting (and include a macro engine and multiple scheduled events).


  • Cannot schedule multiple events at once, although this is a planned feature.
  • Uses approx 16 megs in memory. Which is not a lot these days but I couldn’t help think it could have been smaller.
  • Doesn’t offer a simple, stopwatch-like timer, which I sometimes need.

A video of the program in action:



The verdict: a nice looking and competent scheduler that works really well. Although there are a handful of freeware programs that are similar, TimeComX is an excellent choice, and its list of planned features, when and if it materializes, makes it worth keeping an eye on.

Version Tested:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 3.53 megs).