Tintii: free, standalone selective coloring/color popping filter for your images


Tintii is a standalone photo filter that lets you implement selective coloring on your photos (also known as color popping), where an image is converted to greyscale with the exception of some individual color layers that remain.

See an example of the kindsof results that you can get below (I didn’t snap the picture, but I did do the processing with Tintii) Also go to theFlickr photostream.

How to use: load up your image and Tintii will automatically create four color layers. Manipulation is done via sliders on the right sidebar, which you can instantly use to good effect if you know what you are doing and, if you don’t, a little bit of experimentation can be a lot of fun.

An interesting discovery for me is that you can actually create more layers than the default 4 that the program creates for you (add to the number of so-called “thumbnails” in the siderbar).

Tintii installNote on the free version: the standalone executive is fully functional; however the installer also includes Photoshop and Corel Paint plugins, which are not free and require registration. You can uncheck these during install if you do not want them installed.

The verdict: a nice little standalone exec that works really well. If you are interested in this technique and would like a quick handy program that can do it check Tintii out for sure. Or if you simply like to experiment with different effects give this one a try for sure.

Version Tested: 2.2.3

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (64 bit version available); Linux; Mac.

Go to the program home page to download and for more information (approx 3.2 megs).For the 64bit version the Tintii page on sourceforge and go to the “files” section to find and download.