Toblo is an award winning game set in a 3D world where every piece of the game environment can be taken apart and/or used as a projectile to throw.

It feels somwhat like a third-person shooter and features an excellent physics engine and frantic, addictive gameplay.

In Toblo, two teams compete against each other with the objective of capturing all of three of the other team’s flags. This involves raiding the other team’s base, taking apart their defences, and hitting them with projectiles (while avoiding being hit yourself, which will send you back to respawn at your base). Here are some notes on this game:

  • Each player can carry a maximum of 15 projectiles. You can throw these in quick succession and you will soon discover that you can rain down projectiles, artillery style, on your opponent’s base.
  • Any object in the game can be picked up and used as a projectile. You can also climb over anything using a nifty double jump (pressing space twice in quick succession). You can find and throw bomb blocks that explode and take a lot of things apart.
  • Your teammates can either do their own thing, (attack, guard the base and/or try to retrieve captured flags), or they can be called to follow you (you can band/disband them by pressing the Q button). You can choose to organize all-out raids or try unilateral action on your own. You can also play multiplayer on a network (but not over the internet).
  • The computer AI is very good, making Toblo quite a challenging game (and rewarding to master).


The graphics and ’general feel’ is of a very well done game. Overall a very engaging game that you can get to grips with it within 15 minutes of installing it.

Version tested: 1.2

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA. 2.0 GHz Processor DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card w/ 128MB RAM, Shader 2.0 support Go to the game home page to get the latest version (approx 26.8 megs).