Today I die: the flash game as an interactive, 8-bit poem


If you ever wonder whether video games will eventually become an art form in their own right then you have to check out this free game.

’Today I die’ is a downloadable flash game that has been described as an “interactive poem”, a poetic game, and a playable piece of artwork, just to mention a few.

Just like in art, the ’rules’ are not spelled out, and there is no explicit objective, which is NOT to say that nothing happens in the game.

There is a structure and there is a narrative/storyline. However, you do get the sense that there are different routes that you can take that can lead to different end results. In other words, that there are multiple ways of playing the game, all of which are equally valid.

Today I die Screenshot1Today I die Screenshot2Today I die Screenshot3

The gameplay dynamics involves moving your little sprite around the tiny 8-bit environment, interacting with objects and creatures, as well as the words on the top of the screen and other words that occasionally appear below. In this game, you are expected to experiment try different things in order to come to grips with the game dynamics.

I first learned about this game after seeing a 99 cent iPhone app that was made of it. If there’s one thing that you need to know about this game it is the following: it’s easy and not too complicated. “Today I die” is in fact a casual game that can takes a few minutes to play, and will not keep you engaged for weeks. However, the concept and game dynamics are very pleasant, and the exploration provides good, quick entertainment, if only for a few minutes.

Compatibility: Multiplatform. You will need Adobe Flash Player installed.

Go here to play online, or see instructions below on how to download.

How to download: go to the download page, then click on the “donate” button. Once inside Paypal, you could choose to donate or press the “cancel” link (all the way towards the bottom), and either way you will be sent to the “Thank you” page that includes the download link for all of the author’s games in a single pack.

The author, in fact, made several “open ended” flash games that are similar in concept, and made all of them available in a single downloadable pack entitled “Moon Stories”. The games included in the pack include “I Wish I Were the Moon”, “Today I Die” and “Storyteller”.

to program home page to download the latest version (approx 67K).