Track and maintain records of your meetings and their results, with AgreeDo!


Have you ever been to a meeting (business or personal) in which so much was discussed that you felt you couldn’t possibly take it all in? AgreeDo is a great little web app that is both free and functional, that will help you assimilate and organize all your meetings and the data within them.

Meetings have been a staple of organization and business for as long as those have been in existence. However, there is often so much that is talked about and actionable items discussed in a single meeting that it can be overwhelming. AgreeDo will help you to keep track of both your meetings and the things that were decided, accomplished or brought up in them, and all at no cost!.

You’ll have the option to keep track of various items within meetings, like specific tasks, topics to cover, agenda items to solve, information to disseminate, and even decisions that have to be made. Each of these items can be assigned to a specific person or department or team, and can also be notated with a due date or expected completion date. AgreeDo will also keep track of follow-up meetings and can send email information and invitations to anyone you like to attend or remind them of the meeting.


There’s a To-Do list attached on the home page. There’s a record of all your previous meetings as well as records of follow-ups and incomplete actions and decisions. Having the history available at a click means you can go into any previous meeting to capture, copy and paste data into a new meeting at any time. Others in the group can also edit and add to the meeting agenda and notes and then save that version so that when you refresh your page you will see the new data entered. This kind of collaboration tool is supremely useful for small business and for personal projects, though I doubt it would be terribly useful for a major corporation except on an individual level. Additionally, you can even export your meeting data as an Excel worksheet or as a CSV in UTF-8 format for usage outside the application.

It’s simple, effective, easy to use and without a doubt one of the most useful apps I have on my system or browser, so I would recommend this one for anyone who wants to get a bit more out of their meetings (whether it’s a cub scout meeting or a planning meeting for a new business) at no cost and with a minimum of muss and fuss. Until next time my friend