Track changes to folders with Track Folder Changes


Ever wished you could keep track of changes to a folder? This actually can be useful in many different circumstances, not just for a shared folder on a network but also on your own folders (esp. frequently used folders) in order to keep track of development and updates on your projects, etc.

There seems to have been a proliferation of folder tracking freeware recently; this time I present to you ‘Track Folder Changes’, a free folder changes tracking software that uses color-coding system to display file and folder changes visually.

Some notes on this one:

  • Color coded: when Track Folder Changes is running it monitors your desired folder for changes. It displays files or folders that are added in green and those that have been moved or deleted in red. Very simple.
  • What it monitors: movement of files of folders in and out of your monitored folder, as well as changes to files and folders.
  • Portable: unzip and run.

Wish list: or how this program can be even better

  • Minimize to tray: this software terminates when you exit, and folder monitoring stops altogether. It would be nice if it would ask if you want to exit or simply minimize to tray. The option to autostart minimized with Windows would be nice.
  • Monitoring more that a single folder: would be nice.

The verdict: there are probably folder monitoring programs out there that have more depth in terms of features and options, but I quite like the visual color coding scheme that this one employs, and I am guessing others will as well.

This program feels like it is still in it’s infancy; I do hope that the author will implement the items in the wish list above, and that the program will be developed further.

[Thanks go to reader Panzer for letting me know about this program].

Version tested:

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx. 188K)